Junk ‘N’ Disorderly

127 Frankwell


Situated opposite the Welsh Bridge and readily identifiable by the collection of allotted items on display; from old street signs to a Victorian chest and most notably a chesterfield chair or two! If your not encapsulated by this then you should surely be intrigued by the uniqueness of the name. The hand painted signage is visible throughout the vast stairways and hidden nooks and crannies.

There’s rarely two items the same (chesterfield an exception) and an overwhelming amount of treasures to be uncovered. Ranging from antiques, vintage and secondhand items to even a ‘Kermit’ the frog amusement ride. If you favour upcycling or just wish to collect the weird and wonderful, this place is definitely worth a visit!

You are likely to be greeted outside by Jim and Murphy (the border terrier) and will certainly get a warm and friendly welcome on entering. The man and dog duo add character to this charming place and there’s always a bargain to be had and an opportunity to haggle!